How To Screenshot On Windows

If you are someone who uses Windows on a regular basis, then taking screenshots can play a significant role in your work or personal life. Screenshots can help you save a picture or a moment on your computer screen, which you may need to refer to at a later stage. In this article, we will guide you on how to take screenshots on Windows devices with ease.

Method 1: Using The Print Screen Button

One of the easiest ways to take a screenshot on Windows is by using the ‘Print Screen’ button on your keyboard. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the screen that you want to capture.
  2. Press the ‘Print Screen’ button on your keyboard once. You can find this button on the top row of your keyboard, usually labeled as ‘PrtScn’ or ‘Print Scr’.
  3. Open MS Paint or any other image editing software program of your choice.
  4. Press ‘Ctrl+V’ or right-click and select ‘Paste’ to insert the screenshot.
  5. Save the image in your desired format.

Method 2: Using The Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool is another convenient method to take screenshots on your Windows device. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Snipping Tool. You can find it by typing ‘Snipping Tool’ in the search bar next to the Start menu.
  2. Click on ‘New’ on the Snipping Tool window.
  3. Select the area of the screen that you want to capture.
  4. Click ‘File’ and click ‘Save As’ to save the screenshot in your desired format.

Method 3: Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows offers various keyboard shortcuts that can help you take screenshots easily. Here are some of the common keyboard shortcuts:

  • Windows+Print Screen: This captures the entire screen and saves it in the ‘Screenshots’ folder under ‘Pictures’.
  • Windows+Shift+S: This captures a part of the screen and copies it to the clipboard. You can then paste it into an image editing software.
  • Alt+Print Screen: This captures the active window and saves it to the clipboard. You can then paste it in an image editing software.


Taking screenshots can be a useful tool for Windows users, and it is essential to know how to use this feature efficiently. The methods mentioned above are simple, and you can use any of them based on your preference. Practice taking screenshots, and it will become an effortless task in no time!

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