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Haldex Trailer Systems Troubleshooting Guide - Trailer Systems Troubleshooting Guide HOW TO USE THIS CHART The purpose of the chart is to help you solve a specific problem in the pneumatic portion of a trailer air. Haldex product 'LIKE-NU® Wabco Trailer ABS Valve/ECU assembly' (4005001030X): Remanufactured Trailer ABS WABCO, ABS. Haldex product 'ABS Kit' (AQ963011): 4S/2M FFABS Kits (Primarily Competitive Change-out), Anti-Lock Braking System - Trailer, ABS.

27 26 26 27 25 19 20 21 22 17 23 23 27 26 18 26 27 Tractor Troubleshooting Guide Commercial Vehicle Systems Haldex Brake Products Corporation 10707 N.W. Airworld Drive. Page 3 Rev. 6.0 The Haldex PLC Select 1M and 2M are the newest ECU platforms in the PLC family of Trailer ABS products and is the latest offering in the state-of-art PLC Select concept.. View and Download Trailer Literature. Literature Request Form. To download and save a PDF file, right click on desired literature and select ‘Save Target As’.

We've taken one of our most popular diagnostic tools and made it even better. This kit will allow you read/clear codes, view OEM flash codes, has troubleshooting for all those codes, plus now includes DPF regen on Cummins, FUSO, Detroit, and Volvo engines.. Membership Gives You an Edge Benefits keep members ahead of the knowledge curve. SMC³ associate members receive access to industry best practices,. Hungary, 19.06.2018 Truck Race Budapest 2018. Sponsoring Team Reinert Racing - FIA European Truck Racing Championship - René Reinert reports back with first place in the truck race.

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