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The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the United States. The Constitution, originally comprising seven articles, delineates the national frame of government.Its first three articles embody the doctrine of the separation of powers, whereby the federal government is divided into three branches: the legislative, consisting of the bicameral Congress (Article One); the executive. The Colbert Report (/ k oʊ l ˈ b ɛər r ɪ ˌ p ɔːr / kohl-BAIR rih-por) is an American late-night talk and news satire television program hosted by Stephen Colbert that aired four days a week on Comedy Central from October 17, 2005 to December 18, 2014 for 1,447 episodes. The show focused on a fictional anchorman character named Stephen Colbert, played by his real-life namesake.. Note: You might want to start at the Obama Index Page, especially if you arrived here by using a search engine. The United States already has a multi-billion-dollar system of socialized medicine, called Medicare and Medicaid. Federal, state and local governments spent a.

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